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UF Atlantic Regional CCS Champs!

Boys 2011 Phoenix

Boys 2012 Phoenix

Designed for Players Who Want MORE. 

MÁS was designed to give players more than just the standard training and competition. S offers players a different type of training with more opportunities to compete at a high level outside of their regular soccer schedule. 

Focusing on:  

  • Time 

  • Space 

  • What my teammate is doing 

  • What the other team is doing 

Students that recognize these four factors will master any game and be better decision makers which lead to an ability to handle any situation. Futsal is a game that predominantly demands quick judgement and decisions from its participants.  In a game, spatial restrictions on an individual's actions and variations in offensive and defensive tactical systems provide an excellent opportunity for players to adapt using their technical and tactical skills as long as they make the right choice.   

How are we planning on preparing our players: by structuring our training sessions so that they give our students more understanding on the court to solve problems. Our players learn to scan the pitch, to read a situation and quickly make the best decision to solve the current problem and then do it over and over again.

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2023-24 Technical Offerings

We are targeting players who want to train and develop at the highest levels to be the best they can be. We provide two offerings: An Intensive Skills Training and a Competitive Pool. All-in Players can choose skills training, competitive pool or both.


Offering 1: Skills Training

  • 1 session per week during the weekdays

  • 60-75 minute classes based on age / ability

  • Focused on technical skills, ball skills / ball-work, one-on-ones and individual tactical awareness

  • Running through the week of May 3rd (with breaks for Thanksgiving, the Holidays, and Spring Break)

  • Free Play

    • Optional pick-up where we provide players with more opportunities to come together, play and compete

    • Regular schedule (Teacher work days) throughout entire year (exceptions during Holidays / Major Tournaments)

Offering 2: Competitive Pool and Tournament Teams (Invite only)

  • 1 session per week on Weekends

  • Typically afternoon / evening planned around soccer schedules 

  • 75 minute age group specific trainings

  • Focused on individual and team tactics

  • Running through the week of June 7th (with breaks for Thanksgiving, the Holidays, and Spring Break)

  • From the pools, we form teams to compete against the best in the country and world

  • Our elite teams play in United Futsal due to the quality of the teams, quality of the tournaments, and player pathways to National and International Elite Camps (United Futsal’s Futures Program in Barcelona)

  • Our teams also play in USYF or other elite tournaments as soccer schedules permit

  • We also compete in the MÁS League against other MÁS and local teams (2-3 weekends in Fall and 2-3 weekends in Spring once soccer season ends on Saturdays or Sundays with 1-2 game per weekend)

  • To prepare for these tournaments, we:

    • Increase the trainings for the competing teams 1 session per week to 2 sessions or more

  • For our Competitive Pool, we are continuing to explore opportunities to provide exposure to the best in the world. These opportunities could include competitive soccer tournaments (US and International) not conflicting with existing soccer commitments, competitive soccer friendlies, and European training opportunities. Please stay tuned for more information on these.  


  • Focused on tournament play (United Futsal CCS Member Club).

  • Year-round training & FreePlay™sessions. 

  • Trainings run by coaches trained in futsal and built around futsal tactics and strategy.

  • Designed for players who want to use futsal as a complement to their existing soccer commitments.

  • Offers a competitive and healthy culture that empowers players to thrive on and off the field.

  • Opportunity to attend United Futsal National Training Camp and Futures

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  • 1 weekly team training throughout the year (optional during soccer season)

  • Optional small group and individual tactical trainings 

  • Targeted Tournaments: 

    • United Futsal Regionals, Nationals, Worlds

    • USYF

    • 1-day events: Charlotte, Virginia Beach, Raleigh

    • Intra-club scrimmages

  • FreePlay™

  • One-off coaching clinics

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The Raleigh Area has a robust and vibrant soccer community. We wanted to provide an option for dedicated players who are looking for ways to improve their touch on the ball year-round, but not necessarily through more leagues where they play the same teams over and over. We also know players are having great success with a number of supplemental soccer development programs. We wanted to build on this - not compete with this!  Our focus is to develop decision makers that can use their skills to solve game challenges. MÁS is the only United Futsal CCS licensed (eastern conference) club in the Raleigh area.


FreePlay™ is semi-organized but unstructured, competitive play. While the coaching in this area is top-notch, it is expensive and it is only part of what it takes to build great players. Our kids also need access to safe spaces where they can play pick-up without someone telling them what to do and when to do it. FreePlay™ encourages creativity and problem solving. It puts players in environments where they can try new things, and fail, without repercussion. Because FreePlay™ is built around the idea that fields should be local and play should be free, it also makes the game accessible to more people. An example of how sport can break down barriers and unite people (and communities). 


MÁS believes there should be one competitive futsal club that allows players to come together (across different soccer clubs, different futsal and soccer development programs, and across geographies) to compete at the highest level of futsal. MÁS is run by an elite Coaching Academy comprised of trained futsal coaches. We seek to have a culture where parents can voice ideas and thoughts about how to improve the club, and where coaches have the autonomy to run things how they believe best supports the vision: compete (and win) at the highest level, provide players with top-tier skills development, and deliver this in a positive environment.


MÁS is an optional year-round training program offering players access to multiple winter and summer tournaments - both one-day and multi-day events. We expect some players will only participate during the soccer off-seasons, while others will participate in training sessions throughout the year. Participation in the full-year program will not impact selection to the elite tournaments (e.g., United Futsal CCS Nationals). Players not selected for the elite tournaments will still have access to tournament play (e.g., United Futsal Showcase, USYF, etc.) 


At MÁS, club soccer commitments come first. We have built, and continue to build relationships with leaders and coaches within the large soccer clubs in our area so that we can organize practice / tournament schedules and design training plans that augment players' existing club commitments. While MÁS is best leveraged as a year-round program, the bulk of our offering is in the winter and summer off-season and designed for players who want to maximize training opportunities during these breaks in the soccer schedule.


Quality of teams. Quality of Tournaments. Player Pathways. Coaching University / Resources... United Futsal also offers benefits to MÁS players and coaches beyond their tournaments. CCS clubs are allowed to nominate players for National Training Camps. Players can earn their way into United Futsal’s Futures Program - the international performance stage of United Futsal's player pathway and the top program for individual player development. For more information visit

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